X Marks the Spot: Search Rochester for Your Chance at Free TEDxZumbroRiver 2017 Tickets!

Ten free tickets are up for grabs for TEDxZumbroRiver 2017. However, you’ll have to do a little hunting and searching for them. Do you accept the challenge?

Once per day from Monday, April 10 through Friday, April 14, the TEDxZumbroRiver team will hide a Red X somewhere in the city of Rochester and the first person to find the Red X will win two tickets to the May 18th event at Autumn Ridge Church in Rochester, MN.

Here’s your first clue: They will be hidden in the various DMC Sub-Districts.

How to Find Free TEDxZumbroRiver 2017 Tickets

How it works: Keep a close eye on the TEDxZumbroRiver Facebook page for daily clues as to where the Red X is located. Clues will be extremely close photos up of the location or nearby landmark of where you’ll find the Red X.

X Marks the Spot_TEDxZumbroRiver

The first person to find the Red X will remove the envelope that includes a code to redeem their two free tickets online. The envelope will also contain special instructions on how to get a hold of your free tickets. We’ll keep all the action on Facebook and let you know when the X has been found for the day and who the lucky winner is!

With the recent speaker lineup announcement, we are getting excited about the May 18th event! Between amazing local and national speakers, awesome partners, networking opportunities, food trucks, and other fun surprises, TEDxZumbroRiver 2017 is going to be a can’t-miss event.

So, brush up on your Rochester landmarks, and follow along on the TEDxZumbroRiver Facebook page for clues starting tomorrow Monday, April 10!