Meet the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver Presenters: Scott Barry Kaufman

The speaker lineup for the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver is comprised of insightful local and national speakers with a variety of backgrounds, each with a different perspective of this year’s theme, “What’s Possible?”

Let’s meet Scott Barry Kaufman.

Scott Barry Kaufman is deeply interested in using psychological science to help everyone– all kinds of minds— live a creative, fulfilling, and meaningful life. One of the main takeaways from his work is that everyone is capable of creativity, the key is finding the thing that will let them shine the most.

Scott is the scientific director of the Imagination Institute and conducts research in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. His writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Scientific American, Psychology Today, and Harvard Business Review. His latest book is Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind.

Asked a few interview questions about his experience with the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver, he had this to say:

Why did you want to be a TEDxZumbroRiver speaker?

Two of my friends— Kelly Leonard and Neil Stevenson— gave a TEDxZumbroRiver talk and highly recommended the venue. Since I highly respect them, I knew it had to be good!

Describe your TEDx talk in three words

Find the strengths.

What do you hope the audience walks away with from your TEDx talk?

I hope the audience walks away with a new way of thinking about human intelligence, potential and disability. I want the audience to not treat extreme disability and extreme ability as opposites of each other, but show them how they can coexist within the same person.

What are you most looking forward to as a presenter at TEDxZumbroRiver?

I’m looking forward to delivering my message and increasing awareness of a population of students who are falling between the cracks in an educational system that has an outdated and limited notion of human potential.

Listen to Scott’s entire presentation at the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver event on May 18, 2017 at Autumn Ridge Church. Buy your ticket and secure your spot today!