Meet the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver Presenters: Kim Van Brunt

Kimberly Van BruntThe speaker lineup for the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver is comprised of insightful local and national speakers with a variety of backgrounds, each with a different perspective of this year’s theme, “What’s Possible?”

Let’s meet Kim Van Brunt.

Kim Van Brunt is a poet and nonfiction writer. Becoming a transracial adoptive parent opened her eyes in a much more personal way to the depth of her own white privilege. Now, she uses her story and her creative work to help others recognize systems of inequality and their power to affect change for the common good. Kim works as a communications strategist in Rochester, where she and her husband are raising four children — two homegrown and two adopted from Uganda in Eastern Africa.

Asked a few interview questions about her experience with the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver, she had this to say:

Why did you want to be a TEDxZumbroRiver speaker?

I wanted to be a TEDx speaker to help affect change in our community. I believe that many of us care about social justice and systemic racism, but we don’t know what to do or where to start — and maybe my story can be a starting point for someone.

Describe your TEDx talk in three words.

(A) Mother’s White Privilege

What do you hope the audience walks away with from your TEDx talk?

After hearing my TEDx talk, I hope the audience is challenged and inspired. I hope that my story, told through poetry, opens minds and hearts to approach this topic from a softer, more empathetic perspective.

What are you most looking forward to as a presenter at TEDxZumbroRiver?

I’m looking forward to sharing my art from the stage, making new connections, and hopefully opening up a wider conversation in our community.

Listen to Kim’s entire presentation at the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver event on May 18, 2017 at Autumn Ridge Church. Buy your ticket and secure your spot today!