Meet the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver Presenters: Becca Stiles-Nogosek

The speaker lineup for the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver is comprised of insightful local and national speakers with a variety of backgrounds, each with a different perspective of this year’s theme, “What’s Possible?”

Let’s meet Becca Stiles-Nogosek.

Becca Stiles-Nogosek is a lifelong resident of Rochester, MN. She is passionate about her community, building connections, sharing stories, and being inspired by brilliant ideas. She appreciates live performance, budget travel, taking many photos of her dogs doing absolutely nothing, and sharing brunch with those she cares about.

Becca is fortunate to be a part of the incredible team of professionals who are inspiring curiosity at the Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester where she is the Development Events and Volunteer Manager.

Asked a few interview questions about her experience with the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver, she had this to say:

Why did you want to be a TEDxZumbroRiver speaker?

I signed up for pitch night on a whim. I never expected it to go any further than that. The content that I’m talking about is something that I have never really discussed in a public forum, but whenever this topic would come up in personal conversations, people seemed interested, so I thought that I would just be able to knock out a hundred one-on-one conversations at pitch night and be able to go about my life. hen TEDx Organizers mentioned that all pitchers would get free tickets to the event, I was thrilled. That was already more than I expected from participating in pitch night.  

When I got the email from TEDx Organizers that I had received the most votes from listeners at pitch night, I was totally overwhelmed. I instantly burst into tears; I honestly could not believe it.  It was such an honor and validation to have so many of my brilliant peers who want to hear more from me. It’s been a journey, and I am so incredibly grateful.

Describe your TEDx talk in three words

I am so bad at these…if I was able to get my talk to three words I wouldn’t need 10 minutes!

Here goes…

Uneducated?  Unqualified?  Who says?…that’s 4…I’m not good at following rules. 🙂

What do you hope the audience walks away with from your TEDx talk?

I hope that the audience leaves my talk with an increased understanding of why we need to be considerate of all individual experiences and continue to build platforms within our system to include individuals from the entire spectrum of backgrounds and experiences. I hope that the audience is compelled to take a moment to consider how our current system identifies individuals and the assumptions that we often make based on that identification. Finally, I hope that the audience has fun. I like to have fun, so I’m hoping that others will too. It will help my nerves, so the fun part is mostly self-serving.

What are you most looking forward to as a presenter at TEDxZumbroRiver?

I am most looking forward to the opportunity for community building that this event provides.  Having the opportunity to share the stage, thoughts, and this experience with all the incredible people involved in TEDxZumbroRiver is an experience that I am so grateful for.  

TEDxZumbroRiver is an excellent snapshot of our community. A community full of thoughtful, intelligent, and innovative people who are looking to create change and celebrate the possibility of progress that we can continue to make, if we keep moving forward, and bring everyone along. The opportunity to be a small part of that picture has been great.  

Listen to Becca’s entire presentation at the 2017 TEDxZumbroRiver event on May 18, 2017, at Autumn Ridge Church. Buy your ticket and secure your spot today!