TEDxZumbroRiver Tickets Now on Sale!

The long anticipated date has arrived: TEDxZumbroRiver Tickets are now on sale to the general public.


TEDxZumbroRiver organizers are excited to announce that tickets to the May 5th TEDx Event at Autumn Ridge Church will officially be available for sale at Noon on Thursday, February 18th for the general public.

The event seats about 1000. The first set of tickets were offered to mailing lists subscribers, sponsors and a few were reserved for promotional give-aways. The remaining tickets will open to the public, Thursday, February 18th. Tickets are $47 and can be purchased through the website at TEDxZumbroRiver.com/event/.

Tickets are expected to go quickly!

The date was chosen to coincide with the opening of SocialIce. TEDxZumbroRiver will have an ice sculpture at the event, generously provided by the financial support of MinnWest Banks.

To celebrate SocialIce and the Launch of Ticket sales, TEDxZumbroRiver is holding a contest. SocialIce attendees can take a picture of themselves next to the TEDx Ice Sculpture and post it to social media with the #TEDxZumbroRiver & #SocialIce for a chance to win a free ticket to the May 5th Event.