Local Speaker: Julie Brock

Julie Brock: Embracing Failure in Education

Julie Brock
Julie Brock
Educator & Failure-Embracer

TEDx Zumbro River is pleased to announce the addition of Julie Brock to our list of presenters!

Julie Brock, educator of 16 years, works to create more experiential learning opportunities for students in southeast Minnesota as Director of Workforce and Education at the Rochester Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

Creator of offthegridedu.com, Brock encourages parents, students and educators alike to get off the systematic grid and try a new approach to education that makes room for community partnerships and failure. Through her Master’s work in Human Development at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Brock focused on messaging and motivation. The messages we cement early and often are the ones we believe and then allow to steer our lives. “The best thing we can do for our future is to encourage them to analyze their life without judgement. Encourage them to find where passion and skill set intersect, and pursue that honey spot. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen without failures. Expect failure, praise it when it happens, applaud when they recover, and what they will be left with is the key to success: a life examined.”

Julie Brock resides in Eyota, Minnesota with her husband Randy and their two sons, Drew (12) and Owen (9).  Oh, and the English Setters, Lenny and Brandy.