Local Speaker: Jim Maher

Jim Maher: What is the Most Important Machine in the World?

Jim Maher Biochemist and Molecular Biologist
Jim Maher
Biochemist and Molecular Biologist

TEDxZumbro River is pleased to announce the addition of Jim Maher to our list of presenters!

Jim Maher, 55, has been a scientist at Mayo Clinic since 1995, where he is a professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and is dean of Mayo Graduate School, the PhD training program of the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Maher received his BS and PhD degrees in molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He did postdoctoral research training at the California Institute of Technology. Maher directs a basic science research laboratory with professional technician employees, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate student apprentices. All of these scientists perform and publish cutting-edge molecular biology research. The Maher lab is funded by competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health and other agencies and foundations. His research interests involve understanding how very long DNA molecules are folded and packaged inside cells, whether new kinds of drugs can be made using RNA molecules, and how some cancers are caused by defects in cell metabolism.

Maher is married with two grown daughters. His wife, Laura, works in Mayo Clinic’s Cancer Education Center. In his free time Maher is an avid musician in the Rochester community and is passionate about serving the congregation of Autumn Ridge Church. He is also particularly fond of his house rabbit, Kyle. Maher blogs about life, science, and faith at jim-maher.blogspot.com.