Call for Speakers

3 Steps for Becoming a Speaker at TEDxZumbroRiver 2017

If you are considering applying to present at TEDxZumbroRiver 2017, this is your last chance! The application window closes at midnight on December 31, 2016.

As a TEDxZumbroRiver presenter, you’ll take part in a unique community opportunity that will propel your message not only locally, but on a global scale. Participation has been known to launch careers and take people to new professional and personal heights. The experience has often been life-changing.

If you’re interested in applying, here are three tips to get your started as a TEDxZumbroRiver speaker.

Step 1: Narrow your Idea

Talks can be on a wide variety of topics, are typically 5-18 minutes in length, and cannot be political, religious, or corporate. But, it is important to be specific about your idea.

Why should people be passionate about your topic? What makes your topic thought-provoking and inspiring? Remember, talks are not just about an event or single subject, they are translated to a unique idea.

It doesn’t have to be completely original, or revolutionary. Your experience and perspective is what makes it creative and unique. Simply arrange your idea by answering the question: what can people learn from you and why should they care?

As you apply, it’s important to narrow down your idea into a pitch.

Step 2: Pick your Pitch

Think of a pitch as an elevator speech. It’s a concise way to explain your idea. Take your idea and the outline of your talk and pick out the most important concepts.

Your pitch explains why your idea deserves to be on stage. Explain what makes you stand out, why your perspective is different, and highlight those ideas in a few sentences.

Step 3: Apply!

Applying is the easy part! Once you have your idea and pitch, fill out the short speaker application form on the TEDxZumbroRiver site. You can find it here.

Applications will be reviewed and a handful chosen to participate in Pitch Night, on January 12, 2017 in Rochester. Applicants will be asked to give a 3 minute synopsis of their upcoming talk.

TEDxZumbroRiver 2017 returns to Rochester on May 18, 2017 at Autumn Ridge Church for more ‘ideas worth spreading.’